The answer depends at the stage you are in setting up your account to use the serial numbers module.

If you have activated serial numbers in your Megaventory account before entering any products, then serial numbers will be associated with your products in one of the following ways.

Firstly, you will need to update Megaventory with the existing stock you have in your physical locations. So to add new serial numbers for products without stock in your Megaventory account, you need to perform an Inventory Taking at the Inventory dashboard. The spreadsheet to be completed in this process includes an additional column (assuming that the Serial Numbers module is activated in the account). You need to fill in this column with the serial numbers (comma separated) for each product.

Secondly, once the above process is completed you will be receiving as part of your regular business new products with serial numbers. To reflect this you will be issuing a Purchase Order or Goods In for these products in the same manner as for non-serialized products. Upon receiving these serialized products you will be asked to provide the associated serial numbers.

If you have activated serial numbers in your Megaventory account after having already entered some products in the account, then you follow the steps below.

To add serial numbers for the products you already have in stock, you need to navigate to the Gear Icon > Products and click the barcode icon next to the SKU code:

Also note that if you want to correct serial numbers in a product code, then again you follow the Inventory Taking process described earlier. Such a case is useful for example if a typo needs to be corrected or one serial number needs to be replaced by another.

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