The dashboards in Megaventory are comprised of various List Displays. Each one of the List Displays is essentially a link to a document/order list that gets populated according to specific criteria.

You can create List Displays and share them with other users on your account:

1) Click on Add List Display on one of the dashboards:

2) The Type of data that will be displayed in this List Display is shown:

3) Then, if you want to further specify the List Display click on (+) Add Condition:

4) Click on each box to edit the conditions. For example, in the following screenshot, the List Display will only show the Sales Orders of the last 7 days. As you edit each condition, the number on the Preview will also change dynamically:

5) Select who will have access to the List Display by ticking the box next to their username.

6) Name your List Display. You can also add a long description if you wish:

7) Give a last look on the Preview and click on Add View to save it: 

8) Your new List Display will now be available under the Sales -> Order List Display dashboard. You can access a pre-filtered list of all the Sales Orders that match the filter criteria by clicking on the card. To Edit, Hide or Delete the List Display, click on the three-dots icon:

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