To export a selected list of orders, first of all, you need to open the related view in your Megaventory account. In the following example, we have open the view that contains all the Sales Orders in the Pending status because we want to send this information to our shipping provider. This process can be applied to other views of sales or purchase orders as well.

Once you open the view, you need to define the columns that need to be shown, such as the shipping address, the name of the client, and so on. To do this, click on "Select Columns" and tick the appropriate boxes and then click "Update" to apply the changes:

After the list is like you want it to look, click on "Export as CSV" to download the list as a CSV file:

Exporting to Excel or PDF is also possible.

You can also select to export only some of the displayed orders. So in this case, just tick the box next to the order to select it. Next to the document icons, you will see the number of the orders you have selected, to eliminate chances of mistakes:

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