To add or delete serial numbers associated with a specific product in you Megaventory account, first you need to head to Products > View Products - Services. Once there, find the product that is associated with the serial number you want to add and click on it, and check the box that says “This SKU requires a Serial Number”. You can also define the desired length of the serial number, although this is optional.

Once you click update, search again for the product you’d like to add/correct/delete a serial number to, and click on the barcode icon next to the SKU.

Then, to add the new serial numbers that will be associated with this product, just enter them in the box and then select the Inventory Location that the products will be located.

To delete one or more serial numbers, select the option to delete serial numbers as shown in the screenshot:

You can use this method also if you have entered a wrong serial number and you want to edit or change it. Just delete the incorrect serial numbers and then use the same box to enter the correct ones.

You can also add/delete/edit serial numbers by performing an Inventory Adjustment as shown here.

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