New accounts come with an "On-Hand Availability and Alerts" Bookmark Card. If for any reason it is deleted from your dashboard you can easily create a new one.

1) Under the INVENTORY dashboard, click on Add New Bookmark Card:

2) Select the Type of data you want to see. For this example, select "On-Hand Availability and Alerts":

3) Then, you can specify further which inventory locations and/or suppliers this card will show. If you want to have an overview of all locations leave this field as it is: 

4) Select who will have access to the Bookmark Card by ticking the box next to their username. Select [All] or [None] to quickly give or take access from all users:

5) Name your card. You can also add a long description if you wish:

6) Give a last look on the Preview and click on Add Bookmark Card to save it: 

Your new Bookmark Card will now be available under the INVENTORY dashboard. 

The On-Hand Availability and Alerts module is a multi-functional module that can be used for various operations.

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