Batch numbers, also called lot numbers are codes associated with batches of products. They allow you to track the order in which your goods have come in and the order by which goods should be sold/used first. The use of batch numbers is exceptionally handy in the food industry, and in the medical industry. Basically, anything that is perishable will benefit from having batch numbers.

Batches of goods get assigned batch numbers along with expiry dates. Later on in the week you might receive another batch of the same product. You will assign a different batch number and expiry date for that batch. This way, when you sell the items, you will have accurate information about how many items of each batch you have left. You will also stay on top of which items should be sold first. Batch numbers help you organize and keep track of any perishable items in your warehouses.

The reason why batch numbers are ideal for perishable goods, is that expiry dates go along with batches. Each batch number has an expiration date, and you can search for your goods in Megaventory per expiration date.

Batch Numbers will also help you a lot if you find a fault in a certain product. Chances are that all of the products in the batch on hand have the same issue. With batch numbers, it will be easy to notify customers that have bought an item of this batch and let them know you will refund/exchange the potentially faulty product.

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