Enabling batch numbers and expiry dates in your Megaventory account is easy.

Navigate to Settings → Account Setup.

Click on “Enable Batch Numbers”

Now you have two options:

  1. “Only when shipping” - choose this option, if you don’t want to associate batch numbers every time you receive goods. This way Megaventory will only require you to add a batch number when you are shipping an item.

  2. “Both when shipping and receiving” - choose this option if you want to associate batch numbers to your products both when you receive and ship them. If most of your products require batch numbers and you use them without exception, this is the option for you.

You can always go back to your settings and change this rule if you find that the other option would serve your purposes better.

Enabling Batch Numbers for Products

When you create a new product to your Megaventory account, you can decide whether you want Megaventory to require a batch number whenever you are handling this product.

Navigate to Products and Services → New Product - Service.

Add the details for your product like you would normally. Then, choose “This SKU requires Batch Numbers”. Keep in mind, that you can not enable both batch numbers and serial numbers for the same product.

To enable batch numbers for an already existing SKU do the following:

Navigate to Products and Services → View Products - Services

Select the right product by clicking on the SKU. This will bring you to the edit page for the SKU on hand. Scroll down, and click on This SKU requires Batch Numbers. Then click on Update.

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