Make an order like you normally would:

Navigate to Purchases → New Order

Start typing in your supplier. The information will fill in automatically.

Add the product you want to order. Click on the save icon on the right.

Click on Approve at the top of the document. A new window will pop up. Select which warehouse you want the product shipped to and click OK.

Now, when the products are received from your supplier, navigate to the document, and click on Receive.

A new document will open up. Select how you want to receive the goods.

You will see the products in your purchase order which are to be received. This is where you add the batch number information. Type in the batch number and then select an expiration date for the batch from the calendar that will pop up. When you are done, click on “Create Document” to finish.

If for some reason you are receiving items of an already existing batch, use the same batch number as the existing one. For example, your supplier may have shipped only half of the order. You will create the batch number when you receive the first half, and then use the same batch number once you get the rest. When you start typing in the batch number field, all previous batch numbers are listed. Just select the one you need.

Receiving products directly without a Purchase Order

If you are not receiving products against a Purchase Order but you are instead receiving products directly (without a Purchase Order made), you’ll want to go a different route:

Navigate to Purchases → New Purchase - Receipt

Fill in the supplier information.

Scroll down and add products by clicking on + Click to add row. Type in the SKU or product name, and select the right amount of goods. If the product supports batch numbers, two additional fields will come up: one for the batch number, and the other for the expiry date. You can fill both these in and create a new batch number for the goods you are receiving. Once you are ready, click on the save icon to the right.

Once you have added all your products, click on Approve (Receive) at the top right of the document. A new window will open. Select the location you are receiving the goods to and click on OK.

To see what batches have been received in a specific Purchase Order or Purchase Document, just click on the Batch Numbers tab at the bottom right of the order/document. You’ll see a list of products with batch numbers that have been received in this purchase order/document.

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