Importing documents (for example Sales Orders, Goods Outbound, etc.) is a special case of the Data Import module that presents certain particularities. The Document Types that can be imported via the Data Import module are the following:

  • Goods Inbound (GI)
  • Goods Inbound and Purchase Invoice (GIPI)
  • Goods Outbound (GO)
  • Goods Outbound and Sales Invoice (GOSI)
  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Sales Quote (QUOTE)
  • Sales Order (SO)

The spreadsheet template includes both document (Document Date, Document Number etc.) as well as Product information (SKU, Quantity, Price, Remarks etc.).

Column A (mandatory) should include the Document Type Abbreviation. Column B (mandatory) should include the Document Number. In case the numbering scheme of the specific Document Type is set to automatic, the Document Number will be assigned automatically by the system. It however has to be present in the template and be incremented by one (1) with every different document that is imported.

Columns C, D and E (mandatory) should include the Inventory Location Abbreviation, the Client/Supplier Name and the three-letter Currency Code respectively. Columns F and G (non-mandatory) refer to the Billing and the Shipping (or Pickup) address respectively. Column H (non-mandatory) refers to the Contact Name. Columns I and J (non-mandatory) refer to the Custom Document Date 1 and Custom Document Date 2 respectively. Column K (non-mandatory) refers to the Payment Terms. Columns L and M (non-mandatory) refer to the Document Comments and Document Tags (comma separated keywords that may identify the Document) respectively.

Columns A through M should be identical for every unique document that is imported via the Data Import tool.

Columns N through T include the Product Detail rows of the document. In case the document imported is not an invoice (is for example a Goods Inbound document), then the mandatory Unit Price field will not have any effect on the document.

After filling in all the rows, the user should save the file as CSV or Unicode TXT and upload to Megaventory.

  • All imported documents will be inserted in the Megaventory account in the Verified status
  • If the import file is not correctly filled-in and at least one error is raised in any document, zero documents will be imported in the Megaventory account. 

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