Drop-Shipping a Sales Order is supported in Megaventory with the following workaround. A Custom Order Flag can be used to flag the Sales Orders that are to be drop-shipped. This is handled in the localization module that can be found under Admin > Localize Megaventory. For example "Custom Order Flag 1" can be changed to "Drop Shipment".

The Drop Shipment Flag should be set when creating the Sales Order which will be drop-shipped directly from your supplier.

One extra Inventory Location should be created. This location will handle drop-shipment operations and should be named accordingly; for example "Drop-Ship Location". This location will be used virtually to "instantly" receive goods from the supplier and ship those to the client. It will hold zero stock always.

The above steps have to be performed just once.

Those specific Sales Orders which will have the "Drop Shipment" flag should be approved to the above Drop-Ship location and the related Purchase Orders should also have the "Drop Shipment" flag set and should also be approved to the same Drop-Ship location.

Now, when a Purchase Order that is flagged as Drop-Ship is ready to be shipped from the Supplier, it should be "Received" by you in the Drop-Ship location. That will adjust correctly the costs for those products and momentarily increase the stock in this location. Then, the related Sales Order should be shipped. That takes care of adjusting your profits and bringing the stock back to zero in the Drop-Ship location.

Copying and pasting the items from a Sales Order to a Purchase Order is a really quick process when the Clipboard functionality is used.

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