Megaventory can also handle tracking of services such as shipping, per hour service etc.

This is handled as follows:

  1. Create a SKU code for the service you want to add and give it an appropriate name. For example, 99-001, 99-002, 99-003, etc. Here we assume all "service" products will have a 99 prefix. You may need to add it under a "services" product category for easy reference in reports.
  2. Add a large quantity (say 100000) of this SKU using the Inventory Taking module at zero cost.
  3. You may include those SKUs (or this SKU) in the Purchase Order of your supplier and in the Sales Order of your clients with an appropriate price at the last row in the product details of the SO/PO. When you invoice against the SO (or when you receive against the PO) the related invoicing document will include all the normal SKUs of the SO/PO including the service in question.

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