(Note: to be able to use Bills of Materials and Work Orders you need to have activated the Work Order module by going to Your Profile > Billing and Admin > Setup Account and ticking the Enable Work Order checkbox.)

Yes, this can be done using the Work Orders module.

One-off Setup

For example, let's say you are purchasing boxes (SKU: product1-box) containing 10 products that you are selling (SKU: product1).

When creating the box/palet/crate Product (Top right Gear icon > Products > Add Product), for example by setting SKU as product1-box, its type should be set as "Buy from Supplier".

When creating the individual product, for example by setting SKU as product1, its type should be set as "Buy from Supplier or Manufacture from Work Order".

Then go to Products (Top right Gear icon > Products) and identify the box/palet/crate type of product. Click on the list icon right next to the product name and edit the Bill of Material of product1.

Add one line to the Bill of Materials, with the product1-box and 0.1 on the quantity column.

Now you can unbox 10 product1 from every product1-box by issuing a Work Order.


  •  Create a Purchase Order for a single item from the box/crate/palet product code
  •  Once that item is received, go to Manufacture > Work Order
  • Use the individual item as your Finished Good, choose the location where the WO will take place and the number of items you will be 'unboxing'
  •  Go through the Work Order process as usual allocating components (you can choose to unbox less than the entire box/crate/palet and complete the unboxing later) 
  • Receive the Finished Goods

The above workflow will result in the increase of stock in the individual items coming out of the box/crate/palet and the corresponding reduced capacity of the box/crate/palet to 'create' additional individual items.


  • Add as many decimals as possible if the division is not even (for example, if 3 products are contained in every box type 0.333333333 in the quantity field)
  • You can remove as many products as you need from existing boxes, the remaining quantity of the box SKU will be given with the appropriate decimal points.
  • The particular individual item cannot be 'unboxed' using two different Bills of Materials. Individual items can either be ordered in bulk by a specific order about them or by an order of the associated box/crate/palet. It is not possible to have multiple Bills of Materials for the same item. See also Why is it not possible to change a Bill of Materials of a product.

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