Megaventory comes with some preloaded data to help you evaluate the application more easily.

The admin of the account can easily reset the database and start working with the company's actual data:

1. Click your Profile Icon and go to Company and Billing (Admin):

2. From the side menu in the Admin menu, select Reset Database:

3. You then have 2 options:

  • Full Reset: Resets all data. This will bring your account to its initial state. Only users and currencies are preserved. Select this reset option if you wish to start building your data from scratch.
  • Partial Reset: Resets only inventory. This zeroes the inventory but preserves all account data (products, suppliers, clients, etc.). Select this option to maintain your data and start using Megaventory with real orders & product movements.

4. You simply need to select one of the two options and confirm your selection.

Note: if you have already entered your own data, it is a good idea to export all your data in spreadsheets for backup. You can later use these spreadsheet to import just your own data only.

Or login to your account.

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