All the text in the Megaventory interface can be customized/localized to match the needs of each individual account.

This is accomplished via the Localization module which can be found under your profile icon on the top right: Company & Billing (Admin) > Localize Megaventory.

To customize any field follow the procedure below:

  1. Enter the name/text of the field you want to customize/localize in the Start Typing To Filter area under the Default Language Text column and hit Enter to filter by this text.
  2. See all the instances where the name/text in question is included in the results which appear below.
  3. Update the necessary text in the text form field under User Define Language Text and hit Tab - the change is saved instantly. Your custom name/text must comply with the max characters requirement for that name/text.
  4. Repeat for all the instances of the name/text in question to ensure consistency.

Megaventory has many fields created in advance (e.g. Custom Order Flag 1, Custom Order Date 1, etc) which are optional and available to be defined as per the specific needs of each business.

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