Yes, this is possible. A document template of type Shipping and Handling Bill must be applied to the Purchase Order or the Purchase Bill.

Once a Purchase Order has been invoiced or a stand-alone Purchase Invoice has been created, it is possible to issue one or more Shipping and Handling Bill documents against these invoicing documents.

  • The Supplier in this Shipping and Handling Bill does not need to be the same as the Supplier corresponding to the initial purchase order/bill. In most case, the supplier is the same though.

  • Only Products of Product Type Services can be added to these documents.

  • The service product should be added in the Shipping and Handling Bill with a negative price

Moreover, the Products of multiple Bills can be discounted by a single Shipping and Handling Bill document. Which Bills will be affected is determined by a selection of the Purchase Bills as shown below:

Approving this document will prompt the input of the Bills the discount will be applied to.

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