The User Interface of Megaventory is divided on 4 dashboards, one for each core role in a company: Sell, Purchase, Manufacture and Inventory. Also, you can find your Profile Settings and the Admin menu (Admins only) under your Avatar and your Company Data under the Gear Icon.

1. Purchase Dashboard

The Purchase Dashboard includes all the actions, lists related to the purchasing process in your company such as Purchase Orders, Goods Inbound, Return to Supplier, Purchases Report, Purchase Orders Report.

2. Sell Dashboard

The Sell Dashboard has all actions, lists and reports related to sales such as Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Goods Outbound, Returns from Client, Sales Report, Sales Orders Report.

3. Manufacturing Dashboard

The Manufacturing Dashboard has all the actions, lists and reports related to Manufacturing (Works) such as Work Orders and Works Report.

4. Inventory Dashboard

The Inventory dashboard includes all the Actions, Lists and Reports related to handling your inventory such as Goods Transfer, Inventory Taking, On-Hand Inventory and Alerts, Supplier Inventory, Inventory Value Report, Availability Levels Report, Product Movements Report.

5. Gear Icon

The Gear Icon lists all the data related to your Company such as Product Categories, Products, Bills of Materials, Suppliers, Clients, Contacts, Inventory Locations, Taxes, Discounts, Pricing Rules, Shipping Providers (Admin only), Currencies, (Admin Only), Document Types (Admin only)

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