It is possible to upload your product photos to one of the popular file-sharing applications like Google Drive or Dropbox and show them in Megaventory.

In all cases of such services the first step is to upload all your product images to the space online the service provides. Make sure the files are appropriately named so that you know the product (incl. version, variation, etc) they refer to.

Google Drive

Go to or a Docs, Sheets, or Slides home screen.

  • Select a file or folder.
  • At the top, click Share . ...
  • At the bottom right of the "Share with others" window, click Advanced.
  • Choose anyone with the link can view
  • Click Save changes

This will provide you with a link which you can include in the respective Megaventory product field.


Dropbox natively offers a folder called Public. Every image you put under this folder becomes available. So, similarly to Google Drive you can extract the link with the image filename and you can include that link into Megaventory's appropriate product field.

Make sure the links added in Megaventory is to .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .BMP files.

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