If your company has more than one sales point, you can grant access to different users accordingly. In other words, your employee in Boston will not be able to handle work related to your shop in New York such as see that location's inventory levels, sales, and purchase orders, relevant reports, etc.

This setting, apart from making your company's information more secure, will also save up valuable time for your team members. For example, when loading the available accounting documents to fulfill an order, a user will only see the documents related to their location with no need to filter out irrelevant entries.

So, in the example above, we have visited the User Acess Permissions page for the user admin. As you can see, the user has "Read and Write" rights to the Main Warehouse regarding inventory transactions and invoicing. In other words, they have the right to view and create documents and invoices regarding this location only. At the same time, their permissions for the Secondary Store Location are set to "None" and the user has no access whatsoever to documents and invoices related to that location.

To set up User Access Permissions for your account, click on Settings and select View Users & Permissions. Then, click on Edit User Permissions next to the user you want to edit their access rights.

Or login to your account.

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