This report does not exist as a single report in Megaventory. An XLS export of two reports is needed to calculate this externally using a VLookup function.  

The first report to export is the Product Movements report. There, the Calendar Filter can be used to access only data related to the period in question.

Then, the Inventory Location filter should be used to choose the Inventory Locations of interest.

Finally, the Grand Total figure of the IN column must be clicked. This will provide the detail of the transactions involved. For example, the 688 figure must be clicked.

Then, in the detail of the transactions, one must filter by the Document Description to get only the Internal Transfer:

This list must be exported to Excel. 

The above process (of clicking the Grand Total figure) should be repeated. This time for the Out column. Again, filter by Internal Transfer.

After this step, one should have the quantity per SKU that was transferred (using Internal Transfer documents) IN / OUT for these two locations.

The final step is to export to XLS the unit cost for all SKUs from the Inventory Value report. 

Using the two spreadsheets (quantity moved IN/OUT and inventory value per SKU) one can do a VLOOKUP based on the SKU code and get the value moved with Internal Transfers.

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