The Megaventory Clipboard is a list where products can be added dynamically from any screen that includes a list of products. Then, the products of the Clipboard may be pasted to a Document (such as a Sales or a Purchase Order) so that the product rows of the Document are generated faster and with minimal user interaction.

To try out the Clipboard, you may visit your products page, check some items of the Products list and Pin them to the Clipboard.

After you select Pin, you will see a notification sign on the Clipboard icon, showing the number of products you have pinned. If you click on it, you will see the list of your pinned products. Here, you can change the quantity, remove a product from the clipboard, or clear the whole list.

You can also pin products from the On-hand Inventory and Alerts section, in the same way.

Then, create any Document (such as a Sales Order) and click on the Clipboard icon to choose Paste and add the products to the Document.

The products will be added automatically to the document and pricing information will also be fetched automatically based on pricing rules:

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