The Integration between Megaventory and QuickBooks Online follows these synchronization rules:

Important Note

You should not change data in QuickBooks (ie perform any data entry, create a transaction, etc) during the initial sync process between Megaventory and Quickbooks Online.

Main Entities


Sync Direction

Documents are only pushed from Megaventory to QuickBooks. You should only create Documents in Megaventory. Documents created in QuickBooks will not be synced to Megaventory.

If taxes are used in the documents

Make sure to enable Taxes in your Quickbooks Online account

Document numbering

The sales documents created in Megaventory can be pushed to QuickBooks either by following the numbering at Megaventory or by getting the QuickBooks enumeration. You can choose this from QuickBooks (Gear Icon> Your Company > Account and Settings > Sales > Sales Form Content > Custom Transaction numbers > ON/OFF). When custom transaction numbers are selected, the document number pushed to QuickBooks will be in the form: [Megaventory document number] ([Megaventory document abbreviation])

Note 1

Due to QuickBooks limitations, only Sales Documents and Purchase Orders can follow the automatic assignment of document numbers. More specifically, QuickBooks has a separate setting for the numbering of Purchase Orders (Gear Icon > Your Company > Account and Settings > Expenses > Purchase Orders > Settings > Custom Transaction numbers > ON/OFF) and the user is expected to be consistent with the Purchase Order numbering setting and the Sales numbering setting, i.e. both should be either ON or OFF.

Goods In and Purchase Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Goods Returns to Supplier cannot follow QuickBooks automatic numbering and will be pushed to QuickBooks with the number created in Megaventory.

Note 2

When QuickBooks automatic numbering is selected, the updates made in documents in Megaventory (such as closing a Sales Quote, changing a field in an Invoice, or canceling an Invoice altogether) will not be pushed to QuickBooks. The user should manually update the related documents in QuickBooks.

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