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Megaventory Suppliers – QuickBooks Vendors
Megaventory Suppliers – QuickBooks Vendors
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When the user creates a client in Megaventory, a customer with the same information is automatically created in QuickBooks and vice-versa. Moreover, in case of an edit, or a delete of an entity, the changes are passed to the other system.

Special Cases:

  1. In Megaventory an entity can be considered both as a client and a supplier. If the user creates an entity which is both a supplier and a client in Megaventory, then in QuickBooks a Customer and a Vendor will be created. QuickBooks does not allow a Vendor and a Customer with the exact same name. For this reason, the Vendor will have the name “MegaventoryName (V)” and the Customer will have the name “MegaventoryName (C)”, where MegaventoryName the name of the Supplier & Client in Megaventory.

  2. The fields of QuickBooks that do not exist in Megaventory will not be transferred to QuickBooks and vice versa.

  3. In Megaventory the address is entered into one field, but QuickBooks has separate fields for the street, city/town, state, ZIP, country. When the user creates a client in Megaventory, the field address will be copied in the field Street in QuickBooks.

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