In Megaventory, you can keep track of Inventory Alerts or minimum stock alert levels. This is the quantity per product code below which you need to order more items of.
Similarly, you can define your stock Sub-Location - this is the place within a Location where the stock is stored (such as a shelf, aisle, closet, etc).

To set-up Inventory Alerts or Sub-Locations navigate to the On-Hand Inventory & Alerts page on the INVENTORY dashboard. Then, once on this page, a column displays the stock alert levels per SKU per Inventory Location. A similar column (per SKU per Inventory Location) displays the Sub-Location (bin-location). 

These columns have editable text-fields that you can type in to change the Alert Levels on-the-fly. The same applies for the Sub-Locations.

Updating the Sub-Locations of your products can be done manually by inputting the appropriate information individually in the field "Sub-Location" next to the product you want to update. 

It can also be done in bulk by clicking on the button "Import - Stock Alerts and Sub-Locations" and updating a spreadsheet file.


  • To get a report of the actual items below the Alert Level you can visit the Availability Levels report and click to display only the "Items Below Alert Level" from the drop-down option. 
  • Sub-Locations will be visible in Picking & Receipt Slips printouts only.

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