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How do I associate specific serial numbers to my stock?
How do I associate specific serial numbers to my stock?
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The answer depends on the stage you are at in setting up your account to use the serial numbers module. Therefore, there are two different situations:

- you might want to add serial numbers to products you already have in stock

- you might want to add serial numbers to incoming goods

Adding serial numbers to products you already have in stock

You will face this situation if you have activated serial numbers in your Megaventory account after entering your products. You will have two choices:

a) Perform an Inventory Adjustment

This will allow you to define the serial numbers for the products you already have in stock on your account, and to update Megaventory with the existing stock you have in your physical locations.

Head to Inventory > New Adjustment and download the spreadsheet for inventory adjustment once you choose the Inventory Location in which you’ll carry it. This spreadsheet includes an additional column for serial numbers (assuming that the serial numbers module is activated in the account).

You will need to fill in this column with the serial numbers (separated by commas) for each product, and upload the file as csv.

The advantage of doing an Inventory Adjustment is basically that it allows you to record serial numbers for products you have on physical count but don’t show up on Megaventory. Click here if you want to learn more.

b) Add Serial Numbers

In this case, you will first have to define that the product requires a serial number.

Head to Products > View Products - Services. Once there, find the product that is associated with the serial number you want to add and click on it, and check the box that says “This SKU requires a Serial Number”. You can also define the desired length of the serial number, although this is optional.

Once you click update, search again for the product you’d like to assign a serial number to, and click on the barcode icon next to the SKU.

To add the new serial numbers that will be associated with this product, just enter them in the box (separated by commas) and then select the Inventory Location in which the products will be located.

Remember that the number of serial numbers being assigned to an Inventory Location cannot exceed the available stock.

Note that you can use both of these methods if what you want to do is to delete or edit a serial number. This is useful for example if a typo needs to be corrected or one serial number needs to be replaced by another. Click here to learn more.

Adding serial numbers to incoming purchased goods

This second part covers how to add serial numbers to products you will be receiving as part of your regular business. To reflect this you will be issuing a Purchase Order or Goods In for these products in the same manner as for non-serialized products.

When the items of your Purchase Order arrive and you click on Receive, you will be required to enter the serial numbers. This can be done by typing the serial number or by entering them via a barcode scanner. You can read more about it here.

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