Unable to cancel a document. What to do?
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While you are trying to cancel a document that increases the stock of a product, you may receive the following message:

"Negative stock is not supported. Availability is not updated."

The reason is, you are canceling a document [Purchase Bill/Goods In/Receive on Consignment] that brought in stock which was then shipped/sold.

If you were allowed to cancel this, you would end up with negative stock at some point in history for the items listed in the warning message.

Consider the following example:

Now, if Purchase Bill #1 is cancelled, then, SKU XYZ01 will present a quantity of minus five (-5) on the 20th of March after the issue of Sales Invoice #1:

In such cases, to be able to cancel Purchase Bill #1 there are two workarounds:

1st Workaround

  • Issue a new "correction" Purchase Bill that includes SKU: XYZ01 and when approving it, backdate it for the 10th of March. The quantity of SKU: XYZ01 in this correction purchase bill should be at least 7 to match with the quantity sold later.

  • Cancel Purchase Bill #1

2nd workaround

  • Cancel all the documents that sold/shipped the SKU: XYZ01 after Purchase Bill #1. In this case, Sales Invoices #1 and #2 should be cancelled first.

  • Cancel Purchase Bill #1.

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