The following 3-step approach is a way to connect an app in Zapier which has no Line Item Support in its Trigger with Megaventory Actions. For the more typical case where both the Trigger and the Action of the Zap support Line Item Support see here.

Megaventory's Actions in Zapier include Line Item Support, on the condition that they are matched with a Trigger which includes Line Item Support too. In this article, we will use as an example Google Sheets in order to create a new Purchase Order in Megaventory. 

Let's say we want to create a Zap that is triggered when a new line is inserted in our Google Sheet. We will call this sheet Purchase Orders and here we will save our Purchase orders. Time stamp will be used as the key for Zapier to search through the Google Sheet.

A potential spreadsheet setup in Google Sheets could look something like the image above. 

Now that we have the Google Sheet, we need to make our Zap. First of all, we need to add a new Trigger that is activated when something in the column Time Stamp is added or updated.

After this, we need to add a Google Sheet search that is looking for a Time stamp in the Purchase Order Sheet and extracts the data from the rows that have the specific value. (Note: This can be done for a maximum of 10 rows)

The final step is to add an Action that creates a new Purchase Order in Megaventory.

We finish our Zap and activate it.

Now whenever we update our Google Sheet, this Zap will be triggered and implement the functionality described above.

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