Here’s how the various Client entities are connected in the two applications.

Creation / Update 

When a Customer is created or updated in Shopify, their ID is sent to the integration via webhooks. The integration uses the ID to pull new details and save them in Megaventory under a Client. 

When saving a Customer in Shopify, the Client created in Megaventory will look like this: “FirstName LastName – email”.  Similarly, any check whether to update an existing Megaventory Client is made against this pattern. If the pattern matches, the Megaventory Client is updated - otherwise a new entry is made.

When a client is created or updated in Megaventory, nothing happens in Shopify.


When a Customer is deleted in Shopify, the equivalent Client is also deleted in Megaventory.

When a Customer which was created in Shopify is deleted in Megaventory, nothing happens in Shopify.

Note: When a Shopify Order is placed by guests, a generic customer is created on Megaventory for this purpose.

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