In order to complete your Production Orders, you have three choices:

Complete and close production orders individually:

The first is to go on the tabs of each order and update their progress one by one. This allows you to add comments and to go into a lot of detail for each Production Order separately, as shown below.

Quickly process production orders:

Another option is to process the Production Order without going into it. Head to Production > Orders > Orders Lists, choose one of the list views and click on the gear icon.

If it is Approved, you will be able to:

  • Allocate Materials

  • Delete Document

  • Allocate Materials AND Receive Finished Goods

  • Allocate Materials AND Receive Finished Goods AND Close Production Order

If the Production Order Status is Completed, it will give you the chance to:

  • Close Production Order

  • or Cancel Production Order.

That will allow you to process entire Production Orders with a few clicks!

Process production orders in bulk

You can also allocate and receive finished goods or allocate and receive finished goods and close Production Order, for several Production Orders at a time by checking the box on the left, and clicking on Batch Update.

This allows you to speed your way through production. This feature also protects you from marking it as done when you don’t have enough stock.

Remember that every one of the above actions will have an immediate effect on your inventory. If you receive the Finished Goods, this will automatically update the available stock of the related products and allow you to fulfill a pending sales order. If you select to allocate components, these will not be available to be used in other production orders.

In other words, what the batch update does is that the appropriate action will be applied to all the selected production orders. If there is not enough stock, it will stop the entire workflow at the relevant step and inform you so you can take action (e.g. place a purchase order).

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