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How can I enable and use the Production/Manufacturing module in Megaventory?
How can I enable and use the Production/Manufacturing module in Megaventory?

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Megaventory features a production/manufacturing module that can even be used by inexperienced users. Follow these simple steps for manufacturing a Finished Good from its Bill of Materials.

Enabling the production module

1. Enable the Production Module under your Menu > Settings > Account Setup.

2. Navigate to the Users List. You need to be logged-in as administrator and then Menu > Settings > View Users and Permissions. When the page loads, click to edit your own user permissions

3. Once in the User Permissions page, Check the Production Tab (under documents) and click 'More' next to it. Then, check 'Read/Write' to all the Inventory Locations where Production is possible.

At this point, the Production module is enabled and you have at least one user (you) that has access to the Production module. To get more users to use the Production module in one or more Inventory Locations, just repeat steps 2 and 3.

Create a product you are going to manufacture and its components

  1. Add a Product (Menu > Products and Services > Add Product) that will act as a material/component that can be added to the Bill of Materials. Fill in the product attributes and choose 'Buy From Supplier'. You may repeat this step to add more products or you can use the Data Import tool to add products using a CSV file (Menu > Data Import).

  2. Add another Product (Menu > Products and Services > Add Product) that will act as the Finished Good to be manufactured. Fill in the product attributes and choose 'Manufacture from Production Order'. Once you click 'Insert' you will get an option to add/attach a Bill of Materials to this Finished Good.

  3. Click to add a Bill of Materials to the Finished Good and fill it in with the components and the respective quantity (components that have been created as 'Buy From Supplier').

Repeat these steps to add more Finished Goods in your account and associate Bill of Materials to them.

Start the production/manufacturing process

  1. Click the New Order option under the Menu > Production tab. Fill in the Finished Good SKU (you can click the binoculars icon or start typing in the textbox), choose the Inventory Locations, and finally, add the quantity you want to manufacture. Click the Create Production Order button.

  2. Once the page loads. You have the option to Allocate Components to the Production Order. This will reduce the component quantity in the respective Inventory Location according to the Bill of Materials. It literally means: Bring in the quantity of the Components in the bench so I can start manufacturing.

  3. After the Component Allocation, the Production Order Status becomes 'In Process'. Now, you can Receive Finished Goods. If you receive quantity equal to the Ordered quantity, the Status will become 'Completed'. If not, the status will become 'In-Process & Partially Completed'. Receiving finished Goods means that the quantity of the Finished Good will increase in the respective Inventory Location (the location chosen in the step above).

The Production Order has other options as well. You may Return Components back (eg. for defective elements) or Cancel the Production Order etc. These are all self-descriptive actions and help-text is provided in the pop-up windows!

If what you are looking for is to manufacture with serial numbers, head to Manufacturing with Serial numbers!

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