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How do I generate barcode numbers for items that don't have them yet?
How do I generate barcode numbers for items that don't have them yet?
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Although Megaventory supports creating barcode images out of existing barcode numbers, it does not support creating the barcode numbers themselves - you will need to do it externally.

There are a couple of different ways you can do this. Remember that the type of barcode number you need will depend on your industry, your preference, and what your existing barcode scanning hardware supports, if any.

Option 1: Create and type in barcode numbers manually. You can use a spreadsheet and its autocomplete feature as a tool to speed up the process.

Option 2: Use barcode generating software. Such software will handle the entire process from deciding on a barcode scheme all the way to generating the barcode numbers and barcode images. You can then upload the barcode numbers to your Megaventory account via spreadsheet import.

Megaventory focuses on the processes after your stock has received specific barcode numbers. Because of this, we do not have a recommendation for any specific barcode generating software. There are many good options out there, and your choice will depend on the features, technology, cost, method of delivery, etc. that suit your needs.

If you need any help with completing the process feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you resolve this!

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