The capability of users to not be able to see prices as they upload purchase orders isn't supported at this point. For now, the following approach is suggested:

a. An admin receive the purchase items from the supplier in electronic format (eg CSV) in the random layout the supplier sends.
b. The admin edits the file to set all prices to eg 1 (while keeping a copy of course).
c. The admin sends the file to a permission-restricted employee and they enter the information in the Megaventory upload template - setting the prices to 1.
d. The employee sends to the admin the upload template and the admin uploads it.
e. Following that, the admin can make the edits necessary for the prices to go from 1 to the right levels.

Alternatively, the admin can also consider sharing the upload template directly to the suppliers so that they fill it in themselves in a format ready for upload.

It is also possible to create user logins for the suppliers in the Megaventory account so that they can login (with restricted permissions) and make the Purchase Orders themselves directly into the account.

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