Administrators have two options to protect the account against unauthorized or mistaken orders being placed.

1. Admins can request employees to close the orders before sending the relevant documents to the clients or suppliers. That way the order will not be editable after a given point and an admin can have control over what is sent to the clients or suppliers.

2. Admins can alter the user permissions of users so that although users have access to the sales module 'Documents (Sales Quotes and Orders)' they have no access to any of the account locations. That way users will be able to create and save an order but when they come to the point of Approving they will be unable to proceed as they will not have permissions. Following this, a user who does have read/write permissions for this location can process the order further (ie Approve and Ship it).

Overall, if the entire ordering process is assigned from start to end to an employee, they will have the freedom to make such edits but admins have the benefit of not involving a manager with approval. Conversely, if more control and checks are preferable to be in place by managers, admins can do that too gaining more in terms of account control but potentially losing out in fulfillment speed and automation.

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