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Does Megaventory support production with multiple finished goods?
Does Megaventory support production with multiple finished goods?
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Megaventory is designed for production orders with a single finished good.

However, you can use the following workflow to have multiple finished goods in a single production order. In particular, you can define a higher-level production order which includes all the finished goods required.


Say, you want to use mangos to create a mango dish and also use some of the side-products of the process to later make mango juice (as part of a separate production). In this case, you essentially need to start from one raw material (mangos) and produce two finished goods: the mango platter and the mango side-product.

To do this you can define another (virtual) product code named mango-process:

The two ingredients are finished good themselves produced like so:



In order to make both the finished goods, you will issue a production order for the mango process, ensuring you create the sub-assemblies, like so:

This, in the general case, will create the following production orders:

At this point, you need to go through all the production orders apart from the mango-process (which can just be closed).

This will generate all the actual finished goods by going through their relevant production orders and exclude the virtual production order and finished good from being generated.

This entire process can obviously be generalized to multiple finished goods.

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