How to Create Bundles
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How to Create a Bundle

Go to Products and Services > New Product - Service and set the Product Type to Product Bundle. You need to fill in the mandatory fields for SKU and Product Description before moving to the next step.

Then, to add products to your Bundle, go on the Bundled Products tab. After selecting the SKU for each product you want to add, you will have to enter the Quantity and Unit Price. When you're done adding the products all you need to do is click on the Insert button to save your Bundle.

How to add Bundles in a Sales Order

When you're ready to add products to your Sales Order, search for the Bundle SKU.

After you select the Bundle and insert the Quantity of Bundles that you're going to sell, the table will be automatically populated with the Bundle components, according to the quantity that you entered.

You have also the option to manually edit or even delete the bundle entry from the sales order. By doing so, the sales order can be adjusted to accurately reflect the individual products that have been selected for sale.

For example, you can zero the bundle line quantity field so that the total stock count of the order corresponds to the number of items being sent while still showing they are part of the bundle.

The rows will have the same contents in the Sales Order print preview:

Please note:

  • For the time being, Megaventory doesn't track the Quantity of Bundles - only the quantity of each product that's included. The only way to see if there are enough Bundles in stock is by approving the Sales Order. If there are not enough components to fulfill the order, you will be able to approve the Sales Order, but a warning like this one will appear:

"Bundles can't be ordered from a Supplier. The components must be acquired individually."


In the reporting section, Megaventory doesn’t track separately the products that are included in the Bundle. This means that there is no available report for the products that are sold and were included in the Bundle. Products can be viewed only as a total.

Pricing Rules

The general pricing rules that you have set do not affect the pricing of the Bundle. The pricing rule of the Bundle has a higher priority compared to your general pricing rules.

For example, if you have set a pricing rule for one or more products and then you proceed in creating a Bundle with another pricing rule, then the second rule will apply.

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