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How does Megaventory synchronize Product Bundles from WooCommerce?
How does Megaventory synchronize Product Bundles from WooCommerce?

With Megaventory, you can create product bundles or simply import them from WooCommerce. In this article, we'll talk about the second case.

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To see how bundles can be independently created and handled in Megaventory read the full guide here.

There are multiple plugins you can use for bundling items in WooCommerce, but the one Megaventory specifically integrates with is Product Bundles by WooCommerce.

There are 2 main use cases:

1. You import Product Bundles from WooCommerce to Megaventory and create orders using our app.

The general rule here is that anything included in the bundle will be passed to Megaventory with the exact quantities and pricing. But there are some special cases that you need to be aware of.

a. WooCommerce bundles with customizable quantities - each product will be transferred to Megaventory as a bundle component but with the minimum set quantity.

b. WooCommerce bundles with optional items - a new bundle will be created in Megaventory to include the additional item(s).

c. Product variations - all the product variations will be included in the bundle, once it's passed to Megaventory. After that, you can remove the unwanted variations.

2. You synchronize orders that contain Product Bundles from WooCommerce to Megaventory.

WooCommerce Orders that contain Product Bundles are synced to Megaventory with the exact product types, quantities, and pricing - regardless if the bundle contains additional items or product variations. Additionally, all the components will be marked as parts of a bundle.

One important thing to remember is that if one of the bundle components has insufficient stock, then the WooCommerce clients can't place orders for that specific bundle until that component comes back in stock. This will prevent the unpleasant situation when a client may order a bundle but not receive all the necessary parts.

You can find more details about our WooCommerce integration here.

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