Adjusting the quantities of an inventory location should be performed in case there is discrepancy between the quantities in Megaventory and the physical quantities.

To start the process, click on the New Adjustment button under Inventory:

The inventory adjustment process starts by selecting an inventory location and then downloading the adjust product quantities spreadsheet.

  • If the Include Products of the Clipboard Only option is checked, then, the Inventory Adjustment Spreadsheet will include only those products that are currently in the Clipboard. This feature is handy when the user wishes to adjust the quantity of a few products only rather than all the products of the account.

In the example of the figure below only the green-colored columns (Physical Count Quantity, Unit Cost and Remarks) should be filled-in. In case the Current Megaventory Quantity for a Product matches the Physical Count Quantity for that Product, the row can be optionally deleted from the spreadsheet file.

The Unit Cost is entered at the main default currency that is defined in the account and only in the case in which the Physical Count Quantity is greater than the Current Megaventory Quantity. In case the Physical Count Quantity is lesser than the Current Megaventory Quantity, the current Product unit cost is used to reduce the Product quantity. The Remarks field is optional.

In case the user that performs the Inventory Adjustment is an administrator, the Unit Cost is auto-populated in the spreadsheet file by the system. In case the user is not an administrator, the Unit Cost information will not be populated automatically and has to be manually entered by the user -when the quantity increases-.

Finally, if Serial Numbers are used for a product that uses Serial Numbers, all Serial Numbers have to be added in the row of the product, separated by a comma. The number of Serial Numbers must match the number of the Physical Count quantity. The system will automatically add new Serial Numbers or discard the existing ones.

To upload the file, the user should follow the same procedure as in the Initial Quantities case. After uploading the file in the account, the system creates two documents: an Adjustment Plus to increase the Megaventory quantity to match the quantity of the physical count and an Adjustment Minus to reduce the Megaventory quantity to match the quantity of the physical count.

  • The user permissions for the Inventory Adjustment module are inherited from the Documents (Inventory Transactions and Invoices) module.

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