What is a Sales Order
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An order for a sale or a Sales Order is a process usually initiated by a prospective buyer to inform you (the seller) about the products and associated quantities they would like to buy from your company.
This process is handled by Megaventory by the Sales Order module. The module includes a sales order form (product rows with quantities and prices) and the necessary sub-modules that log all the physical operations involved from the moment of the creation of the Sales Order process until the Sales Orders ends with the sale/shipment of goods.

The Sales Order process may end in two ways:

1. The Sales Order is shipped (partially or fully) and invoiced (partially or fully) and then, it is Closed. This is the usual case scenario.

2. The Sales Order is Cancelled. Such a case may arise if the buyer eventually changes his mind about the order before any of the goods of the order has been shipped.

Here is a short video tutorial from a previous version of the app briefly explaining the Sales Order module:

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