A quotation for a sale or a Sales Quote is a process that allows the administrator of the account to handle pre-sales scenarios and respectively a prospective buyer to see what costs would be involved for products they would like to order from your company.

This process is handled by Megaventory by the Sales Quote module. The module includes a sales quote form (product rows with quantities and prices) and the necessary sub-modules that log all the physical operations involved from the moment of the creation of the Sales Quote process until the Sales Quote ends.

The Sales Quote process may end in two ways:

  1. The Sales Quote is not accepted by the client. In this case, the Sales Quote should be closed and remains in the system for reference.

  2. The Sales Quote is accepted by the Client. In this case, a Sales Order is automatically created (with the exact same client and product information) against the Sales Quote and then, the Sales Quote closes automatically.

Here is a short video tutorial from a previous version of Megaventory briefly explaining the Sales Quote module:

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