Currently, we offer an integration with QuickBooks Online - you can read about the details of this connectivity here. This is the suggested way of doing accounting with Megaventory. 

At the moment we do not offer any native integrations with accounting packages such as the Desktop version of QuickBooks or

For these cases, Megaventory uses a very handy Data Export module where details of all sales/purchase invoice data can be filtered and exported to xls/csv format with one click. Then, the structured data may be imported into accounts to the accounting software of your choice.

To export data which can later be imported to any accounting package, admin users should navigate to: Admin > Data Export and choose the appropriate set of filters to export the invoices needed (for example, all the invoices of the past month).

Megaventory has also partnered with Zapier, an online platform that allows you to interconnect Megaventory with over 1000 different web apps, providing automation between your account and the apps of your interest. Some of these apps are accounting apps so some of the required accounting functionality can be covered that way.

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