How to Trace Inventory Changes
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The Trace Inventory Changes module can be used to track down the movements of a particular SKU in an inventory location. 

To access is, type the product you want to track in the search bar and click on the result. A box will show up, where you can click on Quantity Tracking:

This will redirect you to the Inventory Changes list for the specific product. Select the Inventory Location you want to check from the drop-down menu on the top left to load the results: 

By selecting a set of rows using the checkboxes of the list, a user may export the visible columns in CSV, XLSX or PDF format by clicking the respective icon:

To populate the data of the Trace Inventory Changes module the user should select an inventory location from the Inventory Location drop-down option, add a SKU code and then click the search icon. Megaventory will then display all associated issued Inventory Transaction documents (Purchase/Receipt or Shipment, Transfers & Returns) that the chosen SKU was included in, together with the associated availability and the exact date and time of the issue of the Inventory Transaction document.

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