Additional Production Order options include the Delete Production Order, Return Components and Cancel Production Order options which may be found under the More option of the Production Order.

The Delete Production Order option is only available when the Production Order is in the Pending status.

A user may Return Components back from the virtual Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory location to the Production Order inventory location. This option should be chosen -for example- in the case of defective components and can be found under the More options of the Production Order.

Similar to the Allocate Components process, the user has two options: a) Input finished good quantity for automatic calculation of component quantity or b) Manually input individual component quantity to allocate. In the first option the user should enter the quantity of the Finished Good and click Show Component Availability to start the calculation of the Raw Material quantity to go back into the inventory location of the Production Order. In the second option, the user may return manually Raw Material quantity to the inventory location of the Production Order.

A user may Cancel the Production Order and dismantle the Finished Goods (if already manufactured) back to their components: Finished Good availability will be reduced in the inventory location of the Production Order and component availability will increase according to the bill of materials of the Finished Good. No labor or overheads cost can be assigned to the Cancel Production Order operation.

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