A product can be associated with a Product Image that should be hosted on an external online source. The association is performed by just adding the URL link of the image when adding or editing the product.

For example, adding the following text in the Image (URL) field will display the Megaventory logo: “https://www.megaventory.com/images/mvLogoMail.png”.

The image dimensions need to be less than 150 pixels (in both the width & height) so that the display of the list of Products in the Products module remains in good shape (a large image tents to expand the Product Image column width breaking the design of the Products module.

An image hosting service such as postimage.org can be used to store your images and link to them from Megaventory. Such services also support the upload of images in bulk, so, you may upload whole folders of images. Then, you may add the URLs of the images in our Product Import template. With the Product Import module hundreds of images can be linked to products with just one CSV/TXT file import.

Note: When using image hosting services you may need to create an account in order to ensure that your data will be preserved for a longer period.

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