To add a new Product in Megaventory, you should click on the Products and Services on the menu and then select New Product - Service:

Adding a new Product to the account requires -at minimum- the setting of the compulsory fields of the SKU code and the Product Description. Click Insert to add your new product after filling all necessary fields.

  • See here some helpful tips on how to name your SKUs.

  • This module is also accessible by the ProductUpdate API function. For more, visit the Megaventory API Layer.

  • Products may also be added and/or updated through the Data Import module.

  • A product can also be selected and deleted from the list of your products.

  • In the Unit of Stock field you need to enter the unit of measurement - NOT THE CURRENT STOCK LEVEL! Note you can also enter your own value apart from the preset ones in the drop down menu.

  • To browse the list of your deleted Products, click on Show Deleted Products on the bottom of your Products list.

  • To restore deleted Products, select them from the list and click on Un-delete. Click here for detailed instructions.

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