Megaventory features a powerful search module. It allows you to search for Products, Suppliers, Clients, Documents and act on them without any further navigation. Here is what you can do with the Search module:


You can search for products by their SKU, Product Description, Product Version, or Supplier SKU.

You can search for this product either in all fields:

Or search the product in specific fields depending on your needs. For example, you can search for a specific product by its SKU while disabling the "Search All Fields" and enabling the SKU through the specified fields:

Orders and Documents

You can search for Orders and Documents by Document Number, Supplier/Client name, Supplier/Client Tax ID, Supplier/Client Phone, Contact Person, Billing/Shipping Address, Tags, or Comments.

Specifically for Purchase/Receipt or Sales/Shipment documents, you can issue a Return Document by clicking the specific link after accessing the search result:

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