Megaventory supports multiple users and restricts their access to specific parts of the application by using a sophisticated user access permissions setup: users can be restricted to (a) Megaventory pages (b) specific Inventory Locations (i.e. physical stores, warehouses etc.) and (c) Suppliers or Clients. The administrator of the account may create multiple users and accordingly set user access permissions to allow or deny access to certain Megaventory pages (such as products, reports, orders etc.) to specific Inventory Locations or to specific Suppliers and/or Clients. A user session must be unique; if two users sign-in using the same username, the session is assigned to the last user that signed-in. In such a case, the first user will be automatically signed out.

The List of Users module provides information about the user Creation Date, the Last Login Date, the Online Status and whether the user is Locked Out of the account. The Online Status is active if there has been activity of the specific user during the last five (5) minutes. A user is Locked Out of the account if there are five (5) consecutive failed login attempts for that user.

  • A Locked Out user (other than the administrator) cannot access the account. In such a case, only the administrator of the account can unlock the Locked Out user.

  • A Locked Out administrator user should seek Megaventory support to access the account.

To add a new user, the Add User button should be clicked. To update an existing user, the User Name of the respective user should be clicked. To update the user access permissions, the Edit User Permissions option should be clicked.

By selecting a set of user rows using the checkboxes of the list, a user may export the visible columns in XLSX, PDF or CSV format by clicking the respective icon:

Accessing the List of Users module requires administrator access to the account. 

Or login to your account.

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