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How to integrate Megaventory with AftersalesPro
How to integrate Megaventory with AftersalesPro
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AfterSalesPro is a platform that empowers retailers to swiftly and efficiently generate shipping labels for all their online orders. Particularly well-suited for seamless integration with shipping providers, AfterSalesPro facilitates the smooth dispatch of parcels, ensuring a streamlined and efficient shipping process for retailers.

First of all, you need to create an AfterSalesPro account here.

How to Enable the Integration With AfterSalesPro Through Megaventory

  • Enable the AfterSalesPro integration from the menu of Integrations on Megaventory.

  • Fill in the API Settings and Keys generated automatically when your AfterSalesPro account was created.

  • Determine the weight unit and continue by saving the integration and syncing the carriers.

Calculate The Shipping Cost

When generating a sales order in Megaventory, you have the flexibility to select both the shipping provider and the specific packaging required for your shipment as per the options made available in AfterSalesPro. This integrated feature offers a reliable estimate of the associated shipping costs.

Add the Shipping Cost to a Sales Invoice

In the sales invoice, the anticipated shipping cost is incorporated as a separate shipping service. The overall value is then recalculated to encompass both the product's unit price and the cost associated with the shipping service.

Track Your Shipment

Upon generating a shipment for a sales order, you gain the capability to generate a tracking number. This enables you to closely monitor the progress of your shipment.

Label your Package

You can also create a label for your package. Here's what a sample label looks like:

It is here that the tracking number is also shown.

You can find more instructions on our Video Tutorial

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