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Integration to ShipStation
How to integrate Megaventory with ShipStation
How to integrate Megaventory with ShipStation
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ShipStation is a shipping software designed to make retailers primarily efficiently ship their online orders. It enables retailers to generate shipping labels for all of their online orders fast and efficiently and it is ideal for integrating with shipping providers to send parcels.

First of all, you need to create a ShipStation account here.

How to Enable the Integration With ShipStation Through Megaventory

  • Enable the ShipStation integration from the menu of Integrations on Megaventory.

  • Fill in the API Settings and Keys that were generated automatically when your ShipStation account was created.

  • Determine the weight unit and continue by saving the integration and syncing the carriers.

Calculate The Shipping Cost

When creating a sales order on Megaventory you will be able to choose the shipping provider and the type of package that you need to send. This integration provides an estimation of the shipping cost.

Note: The integration doesn't provide information for customs fees, thus this has to be addressed by the customer using Shipping and Handling.

Add the Shipping Cost to a Sales Invoice

In the sales invoice, the estimated shipping cost is added as a shipping service. The total value is updated and includes the product's unit price and the shipping service cost.

Create a Shipping Label For Your Shipment

You can monitor the shipment tracking. Once you have created the shipment for a Sales Order, you will be able to create a tracking number and a label for your shipment.

Note: The label will reflect the shipment and NOT the order.

Here's how the label looks like (this is a test label):

Retrieve The Tracking Number of The Shipment

The Tracking Number will be available if you want to print the shipment or email the customer.

In the Shipment Tracking tab of the shipment, you will be able to retrieve the shipment tracking information in the form of a Tracking URL.

Note: In the shipping provider section you have to have defined a URL for this feature to work.

It is that URL that will be imported to the tracking number at the "Shipment Tracking" field.

Alternatively, you can choose to print the document, which will include the tracking number.

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