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Megaventory Currencies - QuickBooks Currencies
Megaventory Currencies - QuickBooks Currencies
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To be able to perform any kind of synchronization, the default currencies of Megaventory and QuickBooks must be the same.

  • Megaventory supports multiple currencies, one for each document.

  • QuickBooks Essentials or Plus: QuickBooks has a multicurrency option in its packages. If multicurrency is enabled, you can choose the currency for each Vendor/Customer during his creation. Note that the currency of Vendors/Customers cannot be changed afterwards.

  • QuickBooks EasyStart: Only one currency is allowed so make sure that you don’t issue documents with different currencies in Megaventory.

If you want to create a Vendor/Customer with a currency different than the default one, you have to do so in QuickBooks, because Megaventory does not associate those entities with a specific currency.

Note: If a document has an incompatible currency with the Vendor/Customer it’s associated with, it will not be possible to sync it to QuickBooks.

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