Megaventory keeps the deleted products in the database of your account and you can restore them easily.

To browse your deleted products, open your Products List (Products and Services > View Products - Services) and click on Show Deleted Products on the bottom of your list:

To restore / un-delete some of your deleted products, just check the ones you want to restore and click on Un-delete:

Once you click Un-delete, the selected products will be restored. To go back to the list of your active products, click on Back to Active Products on the bottom of your deleted products list:

Important Notes:

  • Deleted products don't count towards the account limit. That means you will be prompt to upgrade your plan only if your active products surpass the current plan's product limit.

  • You can only delete products that have zero stock and are not bound by any open orders. If you cannot delete a product, make sure that you close any related orders and zero its stock.

  • The same process can be used to undelete other entities in Megaventory such as Product Categories, Suppliers/Clients, Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Providers, and Document Templates.

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