To add a new Shipping Provider in Megaventory, first, you need to open your Shipping Providers list by clicking on Megaventory logo and selecting Shipping Providers from the menu on the left:

Click on the View Shipping Providers to view them.

The New Shipping Provider adds a new provider to your account.

Adding a new shipping provider to the account requires choosing the Shipping Provider Name, adding the Shipping Provider Tracking URL and adding the Shipping Provider Comments field.

The Shipping Provider Tracking URL should include the full URL that the shipping provider uses to track shipments (not including the tracking number/id). For example:

  • This module is also accessible by the ShippingProviderUpdate and ShippingProviderDelete API functions. For more, visit the Megaventory API layer.

  • To browse the list of your deleted Shipping Providers, click on Show Deleted Shipping Providers on the bottom of your Shipping Providers list.

  • To restore deleted Shipping Providers, select them from the list and click on Un-delete. Click here for detailed instructions.

Or login to your account.

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